Press Photos

Chris Barham: Lead Vocals 
Phillip Vaughn: Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar
John Mathers : Bass
Brandon Edwards: Drums
New Album Title: Road Trip

Stumbleweed County formed in 2010 with founding members, Chris Barham, John Mathers and Phillip Vaughn. Brandon Edwards joined Stumbleweed Co. in 2018 and played on
Road Trip, our 1st full length studio album.

Stumbleweed County is a mix of southern rock, blues and Hardrock.
Stumbleweed County's music is full of energy, rhythm, great riffs, clever lyrics and hooks you won't soon forget.

There are 3 songs in the player further down the page.                                      We appreciate your interest in Stumbleweed County. 

Stage Plot

  1. Lead vox:  center stage, singer brings his own vox mic and stand
  2. Lead guitar:  stage Right, guitarist brings his own vox mic and stand
    Lead guitar stage rig:  1 Peavey Valveking 100 head paired with 4x10 cabinet, pedal board
  3. Bass guitar:  stage left, no vox mic
    Bass guitar stage rig:  1 Rack mount GK1000RB paired with Markbass 4x10 cabinet, Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig DI
  4. Drums:  no vox mic
    Drum kit: Single kick drum, hi hat, snare, 2 toms, 1 floor tom, 3 cymbal stands.